How do I know if I need a stylist?

If you’re in a style rut and need to know what to buy next and how to grow your current wardrobe. I can ensure you do this timely and on your budget. If you just started a new career and have no idea where to start, working with me will point in the perfect direction. If you have a special occasion or event coming up and would rather cut off your arm than go shopping. I will do it for you so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the night!

Do you shop with me in person?

YES! I will build the perfect dressing room for you. So all you have to do is meet up with me at the store, try on a few options, pick your favorite look, and enjoy your event!

How far will you drive?

I live in the heart of Overland Park, KS and will travel 30 miles without charging for mileage. If you live farther than 30 miles away I charge $25 per 20 miles.

Will you make me get rid of all of my clothes?

NO! It is not my plan to "Stacy London” your closet! I will make you get rid of clothes that don’t fit you, are out of style, or are just too tired. It is my mission to make sure you have clothes you wear and look great in.

How do I choose the right package for me?

Great question! If you’ve purchased budget friendly clothes and feel pretty good about your style but have no idea what to do next, the base package – Classic Remix is perfect for you. If you’re ready to take your style to the next level the Deluxe Remix is for you. Like if you just started a baller new job, or are just ready to REALLY dress your best everyday this is how we will make that happen. If your friends call you fancy pants and buying things on sale sounds kind of gross to you, then the Haute Remix is for you!

Do you customize your packages?

Heck yes! I can make your styling dreams come true. Do you have a friend you want to gift a personal shopping trip too? Or have a specific need, like new booties, or the perfect lipstick, we can chat to ensure we make you feel the best you.

Do have retainer?

Yes, just shoot me an email and we can create pricing to meet your needs needs.

How do you collect payment?

Check is preferred and if you are interested in a payment plan those are available for the Deluxe Remix and Haute Remix.

What info do I need from me?

Let’s see…I need your email, and I send over a detailed survey requesting your style preferences, sizes, and needs. We will chat about your survey and set up your closet remix and make your life come alive.

Do you do anything besides personal styling?

I do! I love working on commercial photo shoots. I enjoy interior styling for small businesses. I also enjoy helping small retailers create management and marketing plans to be profitable.

Do you work with men?

I do! I have a streamlined process that is perfect for the guy with little time and low, medium, and high budgets. Just shoot me a note and we will create the perfect plan for you.

Who took your photos?

Megan from Crazy Bananas took the beautiful photos in my office, closet, and KC shop Anaphora. Mary Verett took the lovely flat photos that we styled together.

Who designed your website?

Jenna from J.Lynn Designery took my vision and made this gorgeous space a reality!