Kind Words
From my amazing clients

I've never been a fashionable sort of person so I had the unreasonable fear that Caitlin would laugh at or be really critical of my wardrobe. She was exactly the opposite. Helpful, completely comfortable, and her faith in my taste and choices makes me want to try new things.

Rebecca, Environmental Engineer


Caitlin knows her stuff! It doesn't matter your age or budget, she can make it happen! The best part is she will shop for you after you figure out what you want to add in your closet!

Julie, Dental Assistant

You can make anything you want out of your consultation with Caitlin, she will go above and beyond to make her clients satisfied.

Meryl, Stay at Home Mom

Working with Caitlin was wonderful. It was a really fun experience.We took pictures of outfits and created an album. Now when I am not sure what to wear I look at the 65 combinations in my album and I choose that fits the occation and I am ready to head out the door.

Janet, Artist

Opening up your closet to someone can be intimidating - but Caitlin made it very easy and fun.

Karen, CEO and Business Owner

I was a tad nervous I won't lie. I'm not sure why but I thought she might tell me that my style was heinous and to toss everything in my closet. That was not the case at all! Caitlin couldn't be sweeter and she made a point to get to know me and my style preferences before we ever took one step into my closet. Also, I appreciated that she helped me focus in on some specific wardrobe goals to work towards before the consult. This really helped me ignore the self-conscious thoughts in my head and really focus on the plan we created together.

Molly, Director at a local Non-Profit

She is so so worth the investment, and not to be intimidated or afraid for her to come see your closet - she is sweet, genuine, helpful, caring, and has a real interest in helping others feel good about how they look when they walk out the door. Very smart, hip and knows her fashion! She even got me to wear red lipstick - wow!

Janette, Consultant

Everything she does is amazing! Caitlin could not be more fun to work with. It was great to learn how to put existing pieces together to expand and improve my style. It really helped my confidence in putting together outfits and has definitely saved me money because I do not make mistakes in purchasing near as much.

Cheryl, Attorney

Caitlin reinforced that I do know my own style and just needed to add a few key pieces to make it transition well into the future.

Mary, Photographer

I was afraid of being judged harshly for poor taste or something. Looking back, that was so silly because my experience with Caitlin was fun and very supportive.

Maurine, Retired Healthcare Admin.

That as a larger lady, you can mix and match pieces that I thought could not be done. Don't be afraid to experiment with your clothes and to purchase pieces that are different yet classic and fun.

Cathy, LPN

Caitlin is amazing!! She really takes the time to get to know you and what your goals are. She uses this info to tailor results that far surpass your goals.

Liz, Sales