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How I style...

Fit is incredibly important to me. 

I know what it takes to ensure you have a wardrobe that you actually want to wear. And it all starts with the fit. 

I'll edit out the pieces I know you aren't wearing & the ones you won't ever wear again. Because, if it fit, you'd wear it.

I'll create new outfits with your current wardrobe. This part will 100% blow your mind. Because, I will do this with clothes you already own. Hello money saver!

Then I'll create a fail proof game plan of what pieces you need to add to your wardrobe. We can either do it virtually or I can do the personal shopping for you. 

If you're ready for me to take the stress out of getting dressed, email me to set up your consultation! 


Caitlin could not be more fun to work with! It was great to learn how to put existing pieces together to expand and improve my style.

Cheryl, Attorney